Sunday, June 8, 2008


8 years ago i went to visit my aunts in Jordan. There I went to the movies and saw a movie i really liked. It was called "The Jackal" starring Bruce Willis and Richard Gere. There was this song that played in the movie that i absolutely ADORED!!!! made me wanna get the movie and all its music.
When i came back to Egypt, noone had ever heard of the movie, and of course the soundtrack. Each time i remember the movie (and it was alot) i remember this song. Yesterday i torrented it for the zillionth time ... but this time I FOUND IT!!! i didn't find the soundtrack though ... i asked a brilliant lovely friend of mine and she found it for me and went completely out of her way to make sure i get it ... and now i'm listening to the song and am a kid again ... really happy!
at least it's taking my mind a bit of really stressful things i have in mind that are really troubled and questioning myself. I feel like i'm in one of those hot spots when anything i say can make me lose or keep something i really care about ... and i'm just too tired to think about it now despite how precious this is to me...

Sou ... Thank you can never be enough! you really fulfilled an 8 year old dream!


Ran said...

and the song is......?!

Sou said...

Happy that you're happy, and I'm over the moon that I could've been of assistance! :)