Thursday, June 12, 2008


today was my first day back to workin on my grad project. Was going really slow in the morning till we eventually gave up and went home. I went back to find the internet connection cut off ... so i just thought what the fuck and went out instead of working some more ... but u know me, the internet addict!!!
I found the cafe had connection so right away, my laptop was out and i was online :) ... god can't i stand a few hours???
it was boring ... so i just thought i'd try once more. and wow ... worked like a charm ... and i have a program that does most of the stuff we invented in one!!! yeehaa!!!
and now i'm on dialup for the first time in YEARS!!! ugh

i still don't like engineering or software development :(

but overall ... i'm happy ... for some weird reason ... i finally finished getting acquainted with my camera, and i'm not waiting for a chance to go on a serious photoshoot with it :)

song of the day is definitely: Sheila Nicholls ~ Bread and Water

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