Friday, July 27, 2007

Prayer Thoughts

I was sitting in the Friday prayer today and at the end of the preach, something caught my attention.
"Allahoma Erfa3 Maktaka w 3'adabaka 3anna" ... it's a very nice doaa' but why is God to accept it without us proving ourselves worthy of it? why would God not be angry at a nation that's disrespecting him in most of what they do?
"Wala tosallet 3alayna bezonoobena man la ya7'aafoka wala yar7amona" ... aren't we already there?? shouldn't be like "er7amna men allathy sallattaho 3alayna bezonoobena"??

i dunno this thought has been just after me since then

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another Blah

i think there was a movie called 'a series of unfortunate events' at some point in life... that title totally suits my summer so far ... the worst summer ever maybe???
i lost every job opportunity i had so far, i can't function in the task at hand now either... i just have to get myself out of the mindset that it's for my dad and it'll work fine i guess ...
someone managed to break me for the zillionth time ... and still i never learn ... so i'm feeling like crap on both emotional and professional levels

To be honest, it hasn't all been bad. I just came back from a really nice diving trip to the south of the Red Sea, and i never imagined we would go that South :D ... i sneaked a peak into the GPS and found myself in Sudanese waters ... the diving was cool and i chilled bigtime .. all i did was sleep ... dive ... and sleep ... and eat :D couldn't get any better... can i live like this for good?

i need to get busy in something cause i certainly can't just sit there in this void without finding myself forced to think ... why can't it all just fade away ... cause i certainly gave up on the thing i've been doing for years... it's just not working any more :( ... i've got ADD again :D (thank you monmon)

did i mention i have a pony tail and a yellow bathing suit?? :D

song of the moment: Littlest things ~ Lily Allen

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Where I've Been :)

I've been contemplating the map of Egypt calculating where i've been then it hit me ... why don't i shade them?? somehow i just feel that it's not a lot that i've seen ... i need to see more of this beautiful country... next stop ... i don't know but let it be somewhere new