Friday, June 12, 2009

My Noona is Gettin Married!!

My sister is getting married today!
I'm super thrilled for her ... she's as beautiful as ever and deserves all the best :)

damn this house is gonna feel lonely as hell without her

Friday, June 5, 2009

رطمناها بالعربي

قال لك إيه؟
قال الواحد بعد خطوات معينة في الحياة بتبتدي الدنيا تتغير معاه
و حاجات مستفزة كدو بتبطل تحصل
دا من باب إن إحنا يعني وصلنا للي إحنا فيه و دا شيء أكيد له معنى في القاموس
إياكش بس يكون معناها إنك عيل بريالة بتدور عالجنية إللي حتجيبلك السنة الدهب بدل بتاعتك اللي وقعت
أهو أي حاجة تصبرك دلوقتي و تفهمك إن بكرة أحلى ... و أنه أكيد مش زي النهاردة
مع إن إنهاردة زي إمبارح زي قبله
و الناس و الخرة إللي فيها هو هو متغيرش ... و لا شكله ناوي يتغير

و قال على رأي مري ... بلا وكسة

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The past week i went on two trips around town taking pictures with a couple of college buddies. I have to say we were lucky, each trip some place that is usually locked is surprisingly open.
The pictures are ok, the exploration is even better :) It was a lot of fun, and hopefully more to come.

Ka3boora seems unhappy about it for some reason. each time i returned, the clutch had problems... mesh fahemha!

today i'm in this weird mood, i can't seem to like the pictures i liked yesterday, and i don't feel that creative to edit stuff right. I'm intolerant towards anything... at the same time i feel it's totally justified

sometimes we just need a break from other people's surprised looks/tones, criticism, and forcefulness as if i'm dumb!

ma 3aleena ...