Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So after a week of stress and bad exam after the other .... i finally receive some news that i can call GOOD ... wait ... not good, GREAT ... even more than that ...
Monmon has finally passed her PhD Dissertation defense and is now Dr. Monmon :)

i'm so proud and happy :) beyond description

i'm glad all the hard work we put into research and interviews .. and all the weird encounters were all worthwhile :) ... so monmon, congratulations

your friend, research assistant, and partner in crime,



Mona said...

Dear Nems,
Thanks for your congratulatory message, but most of all thanks for your support and help along the way.
Hoping for good news on your end soon ☺

Jade said...

I love the hair with the beard dude...
I love it!
It's priceless

(oh & congratulations to MonMon whoever she is & 3o2balak with passing through the exams)