Friday, June 6, 2008


I've been sold out ... on the day before my exam ... i was gonna be happy with the fact that i have kept myself safe from the Egyptian-in-Kolleyya-Khazwa2a experience throughout my years of college ... but it came here ... not before my last final.
Well ... everyone's been there .. so i should too ... and after all if it weren't now then i would've never seen it ... yenfa3 keda bardo?? :D anyways i'm not mad or anything ... i'll just work harder for the whole day trying to figure out those vague last two chapters ... hope it all goes well.

I'm happy ... enjoying my glass of wine one little sip at a time ... and i'm sure all will be okay ... i'm looking forward to lots of things ... i'm looking forward to my camera ... hopefully after tomorrow ... or tomorrow if i'm too weak to hold it :D


Listenin to Suzanne Vega's Discography .. and reloving it all over again and again ... i love this woman. Nine Objects of Desire is the sexiest music album ever!!!

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