Wednesday, February 25, 2009

to desperate measures

and now ka3boora isn't working. Really why can't things just go well without me coming back in town to find shit that takes away my happiness with what i've achieved?

Posh; it's not the city, it's the shit that happens whenever i return to it

highlights of the past week

my course went fine
As usual whenever i make some cash i have to have a catastrophe take place to rid me of it. My laptop was run over by a car! And no i'm not kidding and please don't ask me for details cause the whole deal is just pissing me off!
I went for a 3 day trip to dahab and st catherine after my course in sharm with my girlfriend and one of my bestest friends and i have to say it's the best trip i've ever been on with friends. EVER!
I took them diving, we had great breakfast and coffee, we hiked, and climbed mount sinai :)
Now i'm back to the misery of Cairo

Sunday, February 15, 2009

this is not envy,

it's pure self resentment.
It just sucks to be reminded of everything you want, everything you're working hard for, and how lots of people around you are just getting it sometimes without working at all.
Makes you hate life completely when it sets even the smallest extra obstacles in your course.
Again, this is not envy

Saturday, February 14, 2009


and i still didn't get to see that movie despite everyone recommending it :(

anyways, to help every ejybshan celebrate zis marfelos effent ... here iss my contribushan

Friday, February 13, 2009

On Fox Series

I've been lately addicted to this channel Fox Series. I'm completely hooked on Nip/Tuck and Boston Legal.

But just a little question for all those addicts out there: Why the hell is it that there's no time or chance for anything in their ads???

kamaan 7'omsomeet sana ... mafesh wa2t lel nagaah ... wala forsa lmesh 3aref eh!!!

Mafeesh wa2t lel feraar.. . wala forsa lel mesh 3aref eh ... bass enta bass 3andak wa2t tetfarrag 3la mesh 3aref meen ...

all the ads say the same thing!!!!!

ooh wen makansh 3andak wa2t wala forsa, the simpsons are running three hours non stop on thursdays and fridays :D


Well i can't really explain it, but it affects you and you have to abide by it anyways. And no there's noone else out there that could explain it to you but me, and i just can't.


Monday, February 9, 2009

i feel like i need to spill something out but i'm just out of words.
God give me the patience to just do things anyways hoping they'd make a difference, and make that difference be felt by me.

I'm right now hating anything that's got to do with the word COLD ...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

On Brides and Weddings

It hit me while i was going through all the pictures on my hardrive. Lots of events and lots of weddings (no i'm still not planning to be a wedding photographer but a favor for a friend can be an exception). moving on, in all those pictures i noticed one common thing.
Why do brides (especially veiled ones) wear THAT much makeup? I mean i couldn't recognize them later if i see them on the streets. The other day i was watching pictures on facebook of one of my friends' engagement, i used to go to school AND college with his fiancee, yet it took me ages to figure out it was actually HER!!
Do girls have to look like fake plastic trees in their wedding? i mean i don't mind being next to a cactus on my wedding night as long as it looks natural!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

On things happening

It doesn't have to happen you know ...
but sure ... just don't expect it to ...
i mean it's not like an obligation ...
of course it's not ... i'm just making other plans...
so it's not happening ...
no it is ... but just don't get bugged if they don't
this doesn't feel right ... just forget the whole thing
ok fine
huh? who?
ok if you really want this to happen now is the time
of course it is ... i'll be here on time
huh?! who?
seriously if you don't want to you don't have to ...
just don't rush me ... i said i'll be there
and the hours go by

oh really?
i'm sorry
yeah that felt like reasonable
i really am
ok ... but seriously if you didn't want it from yesterday then why the heck make me believe it's gonna happen? i just knew it ...
but it didn't happen?
oh really
i said i'm sorry
so i should just forget until im reminded by its happening again
but it didn't happen
sure thing i just hope that changes one day! and just hope the faintest interest shows one day
you're acting delusional again
ok i am!
how come you're bugged??
i don't know you tell me!
how come you always get bugged??
maybe it's because too much is happening!

Friday, February 6, 2009