Monday, June 16, 2008


I've been flat broke ... i spent all my reserve money on the camera ... i haven't been taking my allowance regularly (obviously the financial crisis is in the whole family), and i've been out of work (thank you college) for quite a while.
I don't mind any of that really ... it's a stage, a phase that will pass ... i will finish exams and get a job and things will be stable again. The thing i mind is people's attitude!
People receive the fact that you have no money with either complete disregard, or complete disbelief. It's like how come you have no money? how come u can't get money for us to celebrate this birthday in this posh place ... the minimum charge is just this (sum that's more than twice what's in my pocket) ... and then i have to be the one driving them around so i end up paying even more in gas and parking and all that crap ...
yes i do calculate everything trivial cause guess what ... i AM broke ... why can't anyone believe it???!?!!!
why can't anyone appreciate it instead of just jumping on my back with things to do that are beyond my ability??!! and things to do THEM?!

suddenly i'm thankful i have an exam tomorrow ... so i'm home tonight ... and don't need to go anywhere ... there's no gas in the car anyways :D

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