Sunday, January 7, 2007

Another whirl in the head

The trick about this period in my life is that i can't really make a judgement about it. Inside i feel better, yet on a more practical level both it and i just suck. I can't get my act together in just about anything. I still don't study, I don't do anything right and still keep burdening myself with more. Am i turning into someone who's just runninq after the joys of life? Why am i not caring about the consequences despite having them on my mind all the time? Why can't i function based on what i think is important? Or are my priorities all screwed up? Or is it that i'm sub-conciously pressuring myself cause i can't seam to function except under pressure? In all cases, I am just becoming more and more tired.
I'm tired of how fast my head is moving, sometimes too fast for me to grasp my own thoughts. Is this why i can't seem to express myself in writing? I mean i seam to be doing well here so far but i'm writing on my visor and this thing is too slow so it's forcing me to slow down :)
howa dal daya3 elly beyetkallemo 3aleeh?


Karim and Sara said...

have you ever been blamed...and called childish just for the mere fact of being optimistic? maybe it's part of growing up? the fac that everything should suck? in saye7

Deeeeeee said...
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