Sunday, January 28, 2007


THat's the thing the guy shhouted as he grasped jack black's head in Shallow hal .... and that's the exact thing i need right now ... i woke up today in one helluva mood ... shitty isn't as smelly as it is ... never mind the adjective i'm not gonna even try ... it just SUCKS!!!!
dad's been groaring around the place all morning ... and i hate it when that happens .... the way he shouts ... orders around wants me just to borrow that universal remote control in the movie 'click' , press PAUSE ... kick everyone's ass and then press resume again .... or maybe not ... i'll just sit there with everyone frozen and enjoy a freaking calm day with as much silence as i can ... GOD IT'S LIKE A ZOO HERE!!!!
the ironic thing about me talking about silence right now is the music i'm playin in that mood of mine ... RIGHT NOW RAGE ARE GETTING FIRED UP IN ASHES IN THE FALL!!!! God i love this part ... over the ... over the ... over the BURNIN GROUND!!!!!!!!!!
i feel like i have ADD ... i've thinking of a kazzilion things at the same time and not my focus is just shifting from one thing to the other without going back the semi finished thought behind it leaving everything half done in my head...
u know what?? i'm goin out ... or wait i'm gonna replay that beautiful piece of noise again!!!

other songs of the day:
Ashes in the Fall ~ Rage Against the Machine
Chop Suey ~ SOAD (one day i read it without knowing it's an abbreviation :D LOL )
Pet ~ A Perfect Circle
Voices ~ Disturbed

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ran said...

nice list u have there kind of reminding me of the old days cos i'm into japanes bands now LOOL i mean it :D u should give it a try they r really hilarious.......
ble7' 3ala ra2yak