Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Now for a very troubling question that's haunted me for months... what is it that leaves us attached to people?! what makes a person stick to your head in a way that makes u always interested in knowing their news and whereabouts despite every piece of logic proving it to be a bad idea? people u've known ... people u've fought with before .... people that dumped u .... people u dumped ... all sorts of people who u just don't know maybe anymore ... people with whom catching up wouldn't being anything but the old conclusions that made u not know them anymore anyhow ...
it's obivously some human thing ... cause i don't i'm the only one who finds himself in these shoes every once in a while ... only this time it's huge ... and the list of people is the biggest ever ...
is there a way to quiet this thing down??? well get to studyin you moron!!!! :D

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