Saturday, January 20, 2007

The thing it is between you and you that just drives you crazy ... i have to say that these lines make me feel great. To an onlooker it might make no sense at all ... yet it has nothing but loads of sense to it.
so the exam's tomorrow and i'm sick of studying ... though i can't say that i studied that much uslan and am once again working my ass off in wutever proved useless even before being attempted. am i hooked?? and if i am what the hell should that mean??!! why can't the human memory do that human a favour and just stop functioning for a while?? ... or forever in certain directions! i guess it's the ultimate interests and curiousities about the consequences. and when they're not that dreadful that makes you more curious. shit i'm talking riddles again ... guess i'm incapable of stopping it ... why can't i get to the stage with myself when i can't fear the particularities being exposed ... is it cause i intend it to be sensored to a portion of its readers?? then what's the purpose of this whole blog? where did all the talk go about it's being advertised and open...
3ayyel :P

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