Monday, January 15, 2007

Things that bring Joy to My Life

Wow ... all this posting today?! i can't believe myself ... it's like i'm not doing anything but writing people and blogging all day ... now for my second post on this blog today ....

i'm talking and paying tribute to the things i love and bring me joy

1. Ka3borty

ka3boora is my lovely 1990VW Rabbit Cabriolet ... i've had this car for two years ta2reeban and i don't think its total functioning time reached a year 3ala ba3d ... it suffered from an accident ma3aaya and then my dad freaked out on me and didn't want to help me fix it again (yeah it had several previous breakdowns :D ) so ... i worked from August till the end of December to be able to fix ka3borty 7abebty and eventually succeeded and i could say that i brought it back to the pre-accident shape last week :D. The other good thing throughout the fixing period was the benefits of it too ... i got to learn lots of things about cars that i've always wanted to know ... i'm acually quite good at it now :) and my dad didn't take any part in it exactly like most of the things that've got to do with me learning something ... and another thing is that in my work period i got to know Monmon (my diving friend and ex-boss now) who's by far the best person i've known and had fun with in 2006 ... i think she was actually the only good thing that happened to me in 2006. anywayz KA3BORTY METSALLA7A AND IT SOUNDS SEXY AS ALWAYS WITH IT'S 3ENN3ENN THAT ROCKS MY WORLD :D .... seriously i can't believe how much ka3boora's health affects my overall mood :)

2. Diving

Diving's like the thing i love most to do in my life ... gives me feelings i long to experience for all the time between one diving trip and the other. i've started diving when i was 12, took the open water course as my 12th birthday gift. and since then i've done over 200 dives and am currently waiting for my PADI DiveMaster certification. The trick about dving is the diversity of feelings and experiences you go through. You can enjoy absolute tranquility diving in a good laguna just before sunset when most fish head for their shelters, and the water is taking that amazing dark shade of blue and everything appears to be so silent and you cannot here anything but the sound of you and your partners' bubbles. You can add a bit of thrill to that by passing through canyons like the one in Dahab .. extending to 48metres deep, add to that the nitrogen narcosis .. my God u miss diving already.

The Thrill of seeing your first shark is undescribable, it's just ... breathtaking ... i don't know if i should describe how amazingly beautiful they are, or how gracefully they swim, or how the give that aura of absolute respect and power ... you feel too small and humble ... you're there standing infront of the king of the sea in his own territory.

but it's not all about sharks ... as actually sharks are not that frequent in most areas .. unless you dive south towards marsa allam masalan ... the other creatures and fish you see ... all the colours, all the life .... and all the beauty ... with how diverse it is, in their habits, the way they adabt, special things and abilities of each kind, and even their special characters ... gives you lots of options of how you spend your time mentally underwater ... whether u just admire, marvel, look into more details and discover more smaller creatures you wouldn't have noticed if u didn't give yourself a closer look, explore and feel adventurous, or just marvel God for his creation's perfection. it's all there

One of my personal favourite fish are actually available everywhere and are not rare by any means ... they're those small groups of orange reef fish ( look alot like gold fish) or maybe they actually are... they usually are in huge groups and stay in the exact same place all the time ... swimming only to or away from the coral reef on a very regular sinusoidal manner ... and their being in a group makes that look like a sphere growing bigger and then smaller again 5 seconds later ... only to start growing bigger again another 5 seconds later .... and so on. I love two things about these fishies ... one is that if you focus too much on a group of them u'll find others similar to them but slightly bigger and purple in shape (soldier fish) always there on the outskirts of this spherical group. they act like sheepdogs over the fishies, their sheep. each time one of those fishies goes moves out of the group even by mistake, u'll find this purple soldier fish chasing it back in.... the other things i love about them is when i fin too fast into one of these groups so deep into it to the extent that all i can see are those small fishies swimming next to me ... i can almost swear eye contact was made a number of times ... it just makes me feel i'm one of them ... and puts a huge smile on my face.

One other experience that shouldn't be missed in diving since we talked about narcosis and sharks is absolutely Wreck Diving. For those of you who don't know, Egypt has one of the most amazing sunken boats in the world, and at very accessible diving depths too. Penetrating a wreck and exploring its inside is really a must do ... envolves lots of thrill and certainly is an adventure to be enjoyed. My personal favourite is called the S.S. Thistlegorm. This baby is a british military cargo ship that was hit by german aircraft in the south of the gulf of Suez and sunk there. it's at only 20 metres of depth and has a SHITLOAD of things there in it. Tanks (dabbabaat), trucks, motorcycles, rifles, aircraft parts, A TRAIN LOCOMOTIVE, anti-aircraft guns not to mention the amazing amount of ammunition and the army boots (i have one in my bedroom :D) ... so u can imagine how huge that ship is ... but you cerainly can't imagine how senstional it is to be diving on it.

diving rocks people ... and no i'm not saying that to advertise ... i'm saying it cause it's the best sensation anyone could experience ... ask a diver ;)

i think those two are enough for today ,,, the rest of the list still to come,

peace out,


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