Thursday, July 3, 2008


After months and months of work, research, development, debugging, testing, more work, and more debugging and testing ... i can finally say ... our graduation program finally talla3 2omaaash!!!! :D

I still hate J2ME (The programming language ya Jade :P) ... and i still hate computer engineering .. but hey .... TALLA3ET 2OMAAASH!!!!

now i have less than 48 hours to finish off the documentation :) but hey ... TALLA3ET 2OMAAAAASH!!!!!


MeMo said...

hahahahahaha ... congrats dude , keep up the god work

Dr-Invisible said...

Loool Cong. Kov :))

Btw I wanted to enter comp science or comp engineering but I ended up in pharmacy lol

Hope u finish ur doc. within the 48 hr

Jade said...

Hey! you dont have to disappoint me time & time again ok!?
Once was enough - you dont have to rub it in my face... anyways, it's your loss...