Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back from the deep blue

I seriously can't think of another time inwhich my mood is any better than the time i'm on a diving trip or just returned from one. and i can sure say that this year's big trip was amazing.
Destinations were Brothers Islands and Daedalus Reef, around 10 hours by boat off Marsa Allam in the south of the Egyptian Red Sea coast.
my underwater camera wasn't working:( but the sharks were so active that i actually was able to take a few shots using Nickie, so i'm still happy :)

- Sharks are really some of the most beautiful and graceful creatures on this planet
- Nature is not to be tampered with (we were actually caught up in a current so strong that we were flapping like flags holding on to a line, as in our bodies were thrown back and forth)
- My dreams of owning a nice boat to live on in the Red Sea have to come true one day
- Sob7an Allah
- Love is a seriously tricky issue

now i'm back to the noisy busy life of Cairo... back to the pressure ... to fixing ka3boora and waiting for my results (which rumor has it's coming out tomorrow), and looking for yet another job cause i'm now flat broke ... again...
but this time i feel refreshed and that i can totally take it on ... everything will eventually pass ...

one of my fav. bloggers ends his posts by "Sooner or later we all fall down" ... i just feel like adding something to the end of it ... "eventually we get up again" ...


Dr.invisible said...

Good for u :))

Ran said...

i like ur diving trips cos u're always in agood mood when u're back :)
have a great time baby