Friday, July 11, 2008

masks anyone??

One amazing characteristic of humans is how righteously fake they can be... not towards others, but even towards their own selves. I discovered i was i few days back ... and today i concluded i'm not in my own in this particular category.
Some claim the worship or love noone but love in itself, which is a great thing to hear. They base lots of their words upon that, theories, views ... a whole mask of a personality ... but it ends at that. Actions speak louder ... reactions scream in an even more deafening manner.
A year ago i would've really condemned such a thing and called it selfish... but looking deeper and from what i've seen lately ... we are all that same person. We all go around wearing masks that cover the face of the person we fear from the most ... ourselves. If we see that person and look him in the eye, we will see all his weaknesses and vulnerabilities ... our weaknesses and vulnerabilities ... and we never ... EVER ... wanna go there. We claim we're strong, we do lots of things to make us believe we do but we don't ... and i personally i'm one of the prime suspects guilty of that.
truth's a bitch ... so we lie ... to ourselves mostly ... but we lie ...

right now i need to remember one fulfilled promise ....

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Ran said...

and maybe one day we will meet
and maybe talk and not just speak
dun buy the promises cos
there is no promises i keep
and my reflection troubles me
so here i go

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