Friday, July 4, 2008

So I was in a birthday in Azhar Park a few weeks back .. and my cam was still new'n'all so i went early to take pictures... i spent most of the birthday just taking portraits of the people around me ... and blinding them with my flash while at it :D.
I noticed this little girl in the table behind us. She had the deepest eyes i've ever seen in a kid. She was really curious about what i was doing. She watched really curiously as i focused and played with the camera taking pictures of everyone ... but if i turn it towards her, she just dodges or gracefully just looks in another direction and act all not interested. I moved around and pretended i was shooting my friend, out on the zoom lens and zoomed in real hard to get HER instead of HIM.
weeks later i take a look at the pics again and find her picture ... and i believe it's one of the very best portraits i've ever taken!!
i was too embarrassed to walk to her parents' table and ask them for any means by which i can send them the pic ... but seriously now if i had those means i would have.
ladies and gents ... the girl that drove my camera insane:

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silent observer said...

I like the expression on her face :)