Tuesday, July 15, 2008

right when i feel everything's goin well and i can breathe ... it all gets fucked even worse than before...

allahomma la3teraad


Dr.invisible said...

That's Life !!!

Lazm after every moment of happiness tegy 7aga tedia3 the joy u huv felt

Imp thing is to enjoy the good moments to keep u going in this freaking life !

Anonymous said...

Blogs were made for complaints, venting depressions, but you complain too much!
Am not saying you are a stupid kid or something, we all have our shits, but you seem to be oversensitive and life does not need that..but for sure being a sensitive human being is a gift..but not oversensitive.
Complaining about friends is not a real one really...u know why?cuz whenever you look around you and remember situations you will see that it’s full of”7’awazee2” but at the same time try to focus on the good things, and forget the ugly ones, don’t forget u r dealing with human beings..and you yourself is one of them..
Or are you just sad about Work opportunities lost? There are lots ahead that will come to you for sure.
Also I have seen lots of complaints about love, relations..
Well...People are never meant to be by themselves, in other words, people are meant to always look for a mate and partner...so when we find this one that care about us and we also care about, we try to get closer and closer and stick to them, and we must let go little things that irritate life between us…For example, I have seen many couples that were in deep love before marriage, and after marriage they just divorced after a few months. But also...I have seen many couples that were fighting and screwing each other for nothing, and after they took their relationship to a higher level like engagement or marriage, they become more stable and peaceful and they do let go little things in life...so I suggest that if you and your partner having troubles so here is my suggested remedy: try to take your relation to a higher level like living with each other (marriage!)
For sure no one can describe and understand the situation except the person that is drowning within it’s events (you and your friends and partner and your life)...I mean...I don’t know the nature of all these complexes and relations exactly as I am not in your shoes right now...But at least I can give you this piece of advice to help you to adapt more to life and I hope it was relieving at least, good luck.
“wa 3asa an takraho shay2an w howa 7’ayron lakom,wa 3asa an to7ebo shay2an wa howa Sharron lakom,w allaho ya3lam wa antom la ta3lmoon”
Don’t you ever try to occupy your mind by “who I am” or even I a male of a female, because simply: u will never know or even expect :D