Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gas Hed Marches On

My Results are out!!
I achieved one of my two goals, which is to get an A+ on my graduation project. However my other goal of not flunking anything was a failure because of a stupid subject called (Fuzzy Control Systems) ... so i'm now graduating in November isA

I don't feel bad at all actually ... not good either ... there's this feeling of indifference growing over me for some reason. However i'm proud of the A+ in the project, first because i know i worked my butt off to earn it and second, because my team consisted of only me and one partner. and we practically did most of the work together. And it again proves to me that i could do a hell lot better if i were to be put in a more practical environment. my self image is restored :)

now i have to strategize what i'm gonna do with my life for the next year... until i know where i stand from the military ... ed3ooly

song of the day: Live ~ Gas Hed Goes West (will shortly be posted on the e-group)


insomniac said...

mabrouk 3al A+ :)) really proud of you :)

hey don't worry about that course, u'll make up and you know that you did ur part anyway... no reason to feel bad :)

Jade said...

Congrats 3al project
Sorry about the flunk - but hey's it's a pretty cool time to chill & relax till Nov...

Good luck in figuring things out.


haijekov said...

Inso: thanks dear, i'm not really feeling bad ... now i have a loong time inwhich i can try to gain experience and check things out ... it's all good

Jade: you're right ... i'll try to do just that :)