Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blue Me Away

I just came back from one of the most needed and best diving trips ever. Although it wasn't the longest, but it sure is the happy two days in the middle of a miserable year :) ... i mean the Cairo shit is piling up on me already and i haven't been in town for 12 hours yet.
Best thing about the trip was that it got me in touch with alot of things i miss. First day, first dive we went down 50 meters through the canyon of Dahab, reminded me of what underwater narcosis felt like :) ... second dive ... well there was nothing really special about that one ... except for a nosy trumpet fish that wouldn't leave me alone ... but then again i took a great picture of that :)

Yesterday was the BEST ever!!! first dive in my beloved Shark Reef-Yolanda in Ras Mohamed. 5 minutes through the dive we were greeted by a wonderful Octopus :) and guess what ... i did have the camera and took a few nice photos of it. a minute later a really nice stone fish ... another minute later a Huge Napoleon played around with us for a while ... then a murray eel ... then the napoleon again! this dive was truly unbelievable! I admit i have to thank Craig Williams who was my buddy for the dive for his amazing sight ... he was the one to notice the Octopus and signal me over to it ... Craig, Thank you, you made my whole trip with that!

We rested a bit in Marsa Breika bay between dives, and i took the opportunity of the calm water to re-attempt free diving. trying to get the same sensations i talked about before here. And again I made it to 15 metres (14.9 actually) and it all came back to me again! My God I AM so small ... another surprise was the dive time (3 minutes 37 seconds) ... I still can't believe it ... now i feel more crazy about it and want to do it again... the feeling you get when you're down there, complete silence surrounds you, u can see the surface really far away and the light is dancing with the waters moving surface, u feel so small it's overwhelming ...

last dive was in JackFish Alley, it wasn't bad really ... nice views in the caves and a big murray was posing for pictures for a while ... too bad the light wasn't really strong so the pictures came out a bit hazy .... but then again i took the Murray on video (he3he3).

I came back in really high spirits ... and now Cairo is trying to take that all back from me ... i just hope it doesn't succeed too quickly :)

P.s. will upload some pictures to this post later but i'm still downloading photoshop so i can add my signature to them.

And, Happy Valentines to everyone out there ... this time i'm single and it wasn't that bad (as if there was much of a difference when i wasn't the last time), i spent mine on the road listening to JEM ... which leads me to another thing:
My song to you ladies and gentlemen is yet another Jem track which will make most of you think of me as completely desperate :) ... but really enjoy
track from me to you guys (especially the ladies hehe) is Jem~ Come On Closer

will be uploaded shortly on the egroup

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