Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Take Zillion

For some reason i don't feel fine (2alby ma2bood) and she's on my mind again. I hate it when this happens. I'm not really superstitious anymore but i can't help wondering... are both related? could something wrong be going on out there? is she alright? there's no way in hell i'm taking any more initiatives or asking again.
Seriously now, why the hell do I still care if she proved to me over and over and over again that there's no way in hell she could make it work... plus, i have been humiliated and hurt by her and this relationship more than i had ever been in my life. Not to mention the stupid things and better people i wrongfully gave up along the way ... all for nothing ... and for some reason i catch myself wondering if she's alright again?!

Please, if anyone knows where the OFF switch to this thing is, let me know.

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Deeeeeee said...

Well, there is no off button, but there is a gradually hurts less switch called patience.