Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Deep Blue

You take a few deep breaths and let them out quickly ... then you take one very deep breath and hold it ... face down and let the fins do their job in getting you as deep as they can ... you adjust your ear and mask pressures so you're now at ease ... you check the depth guage in your hand to see that it finally marks (15 meters) ... YOU MADE IT!!!
you take a few seconds to look around you ... everything is so blue ... calm ... peaceful ... and it sure feels great!
you take another few seconds to look up ... you notice the sun shining as this white blotch, around it blue lines dance with the motion of the water surface, pulling with them the white lines of light to dance around you ... the further you go with your eyes from there, things get bluer and bluer ... till it reaches that perfect shade that fills your eyes, mind and heart with peace. Then you notice "my God this is so far away", and you feel so small in that immense water volume you're in ... so small and insignificant ... yet it's the most exhilarating feeling you've ever had.
Suddenly you start feeling this uneasiness in your chest ... you need air! ... you start swimming up ... the pain in your chest starts increasing more and more as your lungs cry for air.
You finally get there ... you feel the cold air rush into your lungs ... yet you're not that satisfied with it ... you simply felt more alive being down there!

My God i missed that feeling ... I miss the deep blue!

In the memory of one of the best moments i ever had in my whole life
Marsa Breika (Ras Mohamed) ~ Egypt
October 12th 2007 ~ 16:21

Music of the moment: Moby ~ Porcelain

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Mona said...

beautiful and so poetic. i was listening to your song of the day while i read it. so perfect.
i miss the deep blue too :( i haven't done a free-dive but the description fits the gear dives too... thanks for the mini-dive today. counting down the days till me and the fish become one again. hope you are there too.