Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dear Ghazza/Hamas people

You get under siege, and we open up OUR country to get you food.
You break in with cars and make riots.
They cut off electricity and oil from you.
So we let you in, yet i never see someone returning with cartons other than those of cigarettes and potato chips.
We allow you in so that you won't starve, and you use that to arrange for some suicide attack in a mall, and not just that, you announce it clearly you got through to the Israeli side from the Egyptian borders.
so much for gratitude!
and the little cherry on top of the pie is ... you shoot 45 Egyptian soldiers on the border!

Obviously you people are abusing what is not even yours. We try to help and this is what we get?
I'm feeling extremely sorry for the other poor people that are equated to you when they're also called Palestinians. And that's all I'll say about the matter.
If I open my country to save the Palestinians and this is what they do, then they definitely don't wanna be saved, and agreeing with D, i don't have a reason to want them in my country any more.

I apologize for any Palestinians reading this. I apologize to all the Palestinians i know (including my cousins). This is not targeted against you in particular, but you have to agree with me that what's happening is unfair!