Friday, February 22, 2008

Great Expectations

Ever been so moved to weird levels by nothing but a movie? Ever had the same feeling over and over by just re-watching the same thing? It's like you know what's gonna happen yet when it does, you find yourself struck in the same sense and having the same lump in your throat... To me, this movie is one of those!
I don't know what nerve or part of my brain it touches there, or maybe i do but don't wanna totally admit it to myself, to the world, or maybe i just don't want to admit it in the first place.
Which makes me wonder (like i always do): Is this normal?
Is it normal that you feel a certain resemblance between the way you feel and the way a fictional character feels? of course this is originally the whole point of literature, movies, great stories, music ... all forms of art; to make you feel. And if you do feel it, then it's a successful, great, work of art. Again, that's another way I would describe this movie.
Why am i getting so off point? God this subconscious avoidance is so unbelievable.
Bottom line is, and the real thought i want to keep wandering around here is: Whether or not you're victimizing yourself or you're really agonized by something. Why the hell is it enjoyable to watch a movie, listen to a song that exactly expresses the same thing? that makes you feel the same agony and pain all over again?
Is it that you're a sadist that enjoys seeing someone else get hurt the same way you did? Or is it just that you're such a drama queen (king in my case) that subconsciously interprets this as having your feelings understood by someone else on this earth. Or maybe, last but not least, you're just a masochist that enjoys reliving the same agony and pain through these movies/songs.
I can't but keep all those questions open without answers ... i simply don't have any to give.

I think i'll just have to agree with what Dee once wrote: It's a Virgo thing!

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