Thursday, November 1, 2007

Long Day

So today i had another hectic day, i skipped college to conduct this pool training for a new diving student we have. It all went well, the guy was doing great and we finished in a record of three and a half hours. Then i had to drive all the way to Maadi and back to return the tanks.
After i got home i felt terribly weak... and dozed off immediately! woke up at two in the morning cursing my freaking bioclock just to discover the following:
I'm a freaking lazyass couch-potato that hardly ever exercises, and this week i've been working out like every other day, and did two pool trainings already ... I have to collapse!
anyways, i'm trying to figure out a way to stay awake or sleep and wake up in time for college ... orelse it will turn into the usual ... skip college and do nothing (did i mention i was such a lazyass couch-potato?).

On other grounds, i've been facing some technical difficulties on my music list, google groups didn't send any invitations to people with email domains other than gmail, and yahoogroups doesn't want to attach the songs cause they're too big, i downloaded cooledit and sized it down but again it won't attach it ... thank god is there, cause now i can upload it there and share the link.
Thanks for the first (and only so far) two who subscribed, sou and aya, you two are more than enough to get me going :)

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