Friday, November 16, 2007


well today i had one of the worst days ever ... woke up sick at seven in the morning ... vomiting with nothing in my stomach :S ... couldn't sleep again before college at 10 ... a collective section that was totally useless and lasted for 5 whole hours ... and we just had to stay to the very end because of the attendance ... FUCK THIS SYSTEM
Then i'm back ... still feeling like crap physically ... i don't know what the hell it is that i'm catching ... but it's bad ... and it's totally not the time for it especially that i'm starting this job tomorrow ...
i went searching for specific books i need in the evening .. but that can't go well as well ... apart from all the traffic ... my car started overheating ..... and then the dynamo tension belt got cut ... I REALLY NEEDED THIS CRAP!!!!
and to make things work even better .. people are shouting to me on the phone on how i'm late and i should meet them although eeach and every one of them knows how busy i am and how many things i need to accomplish that night ... but no way ... and when i do meet them they act in the most provocative tene7 way ever!!!!! "3arabeety 3atlaana!!!" .... "Tab mateegy ya3ny!!!" ... wlamo2a7'za a7a.
it's like the whole universe and its inhabitants are conspiring to get on my nerves ... i need one of two things: 1- commit mass murder OR 2- a big meaningful hug

bad day mel a7'er

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