Sunday, November 18, 2007

yet again the same circles

I love the irony of things i go through... the time in which you're in the most need of someone to talk to is the night you're totally and utterly ignored. it's happened too freaking much before but why the hell does it have to look so deliberate??
in some cases, it's always been like that which strikes lightning bolts in my head right now!! then why the heck did you even go there ... again??! why do you have to go there when you're completely vulnerable and fucked up to hear lots of stuff that apparently are totally not sincere and just a bunch of @#$% so as to later discover that and become totally hurt all over again??!!
why does life have to slap you on the face too many times from the same direction? and an even better question, why do you always fall for it and feel that there could be the slightest possibility of a change?? guess some people are just born fools.
some people though don't go through the trouble of saying anything .... they just ignore straight up and right in your face ... how hard is it for you to just pop a line back when you find a message, especially when your dot turns green a sec after you got it??!!

i don't know it's just too aggrevating ... and the more frustrating thing about it is how pathetic i actually feel writing about it right now... so i'll just stop

at some point i WILL die in a lonely cell in a mental institution

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Deeeeeee said...

I know how I'll die too.. I will most probably drown and it will be hell ironic!