Friday, November 23, 2007


What importance is the truth if noone else can believe it?
What significance is of a lie that is so freakin obvious?
What could possibly be the result of something you attempted a zillion times before in vain?
What good is your feeling something if it can't be shared?
What's the use of words if they're not understood? that's if they are heard...
What good is change if it's not in what you need to make it work?
What's the use of someone else changing if it's not going to make a difference?
What could come out of a second chance if you're constantly cornered and haunted by what spoiled the first one?
Why do people sometimes just give up too easily?
Why did I have to go blank and give the impression that i gave up?
How would the world be if nothing needed compromise? (i got the answer to this one previously)
How about just cleaning your slate? but will anyone else see that it's clean?? then what's the use?
does everything have to be based upon what people would think?
Is it true that some of those opinions do matter?
Is there such a thing as a special person whose friendship lasts?
Is there such a thing as a love that lasts?
Does love actually exist?
Can missing and instinctive need be differentiated??

is there such a thing as truth? does it matter?

I Hope I Helped You Live

Song of the Day: Creed ~ Wrong Way

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Ran said...

it doesn't matter either way
and the answers will make u feel the exact same way!!!!