Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Music Blogging

Somehow i'm still not feeling satisfied with the blogging experience ... i can never get myself to write what i feel ... it never totally describes it or makes me feel like i let it out... I'm thinking of another way to share what i feel with the world.
Somehow however i feel there's a track playing that totally relates to it ... most of the day that track find its way to my Song of the Day list (if anyone checks that). So here's what i'll do.
I'll make a mailing list and have all those who're interested join, and i'll send those subscribers the song of the day once it's out.
for those interested please comment on this post along with your contacts so i could add you to the list.


Sou said...

Music speaks on our behalf, it usually expresses our thoughts and emotions better than we ever can.

I'd love to know what you choose as your daily "soundtrack", sign me up:


Anonymous said...

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