Monday, September 24, 2007

Yet another day... yet another day ...

Why on earth do i spend more time thinking of a title for this thing than that spent in writing it. If i would grade myself on the first day of my new resolution i would say give myself a 7. Not such a bad start is it?? i guess the shock phase is wearing off and it's time for the real thing ... that's about the time i start cracking ... i would give the old me just a couple of days, i just hope this goes differently.
I'm already into the third season of One Tree Hill. I don't know why i absolutely love this series, whether the show itself or the soundtrack, or how they both go together. I already downloaded and watched the first two seasons and currently in the third episode of the third.
and now i don't know what else i could say ... i just feel weird ...
In such weird time, there's always a song to cheer me up:
Song of Today: Citizen Cope ~ Son's Gonna Rise

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