Saturday, September 29, 2007

Another Day Has Passed

I'm trying to keep this daily as much as i can ... helps me train on organizing my thoughts... Sometimes i read other people's blogs and envy them for how they write, i wish i could write that way... but then again, i'm only here to vent bad thoughts and shit in my life when there's nowhere else to go.
Today wasn't that bad though, I woke up real late to do anything, i went for Iftar at my uncle's and then out a bit with my cousins. Later i took ka3boora for a quick checkup in order to determine my upcoming steps ka3boora time (ka3boora's my beloved ' 90 VW convertible for which i allocate regular time and money for fixing). I was accompanied by Wessam, my great friend whom i don't give the deserved credit most of the time ... so i take the chance to thank him for being there.
Emotionally now, my day was quite turbulent, i'm still bombarding my self with a zillion questions for which i can't find one answer that doesn't drive resentment into my heart... I'm still feeling bitter ... and despite all that, i believe i'm going about the right way ... and that sooner or later i will feel better. I also believe that life will prove its fairness to me sooner or later...
What goes around comes around ... one person always used to tell me that ... it's funny how i'm waiting for it to come around to them now :D

anywayz ... I would like to recommend yet another song to anyone reading this ... the song's called "Wipe that smile off your face" and it's played by one of my favorite bands of all time, Our Lady Peace

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