Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I know ... I'm convinced ... i've learnt ... i wish

yesterday i had a conversation i didn't want to have. I mean God i was doing i can all day so as not to think or talk about this. But i did anywayz. but i was lucky to have it with a good friend of mine. But i guess that wasn't the only thing i was lucky for.
The outcome of this conversation, to me, was just being more convinced with my life, and what i've learnt over the past period more convinced of how i want things to be. More convinced of how i was wrong to make the mistakes i made, and that i should learn from them. It got me convinced that next time it should take me less than 4 years to deduce that something/someone is just not worth it. That i should not compromise for the sake of people that are selfish and not worthy of my sacrifice. I also learned that no matter what you do, some people might not ever change. Even if they are the shittiest of characters having the brightest of soles... even if they know they're wrong and know what's right... logic of wrong and right is not what makes this world go round, and some people are just too fucked up in their heads to go by it that they prefer to stay in their shitholes for life... and most of all ... i learned and i wish that i would NEVER be such a person.
Last but not least, i learned that everyone does get what they deserve in some twisted way or the other. Karma does exist, and sometimes it works its magic without you noticing or linking stuff together, it can hurt you in totally unrelated issues than the one you were wrong at ... I sincerely wish for this to go on ... in more twisted ways maybe.


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