Thursday, September 6, 2007


Well I am warning this is going to be totally meaningless and gloomy ... I FEEL Like crap again...
This summer's been the shittiest ever ... people are developing that fakeness and stupidity syndrome somehow and it's just going worse...
they pretend to help you by passing out jobs and all that and if u look into them they're all beyond the deadlines ... all is just working to preserve that whole fake image they want of themselves in other people's eyes ... FUCK THAT!!!!
i can't stand the pressure of everything ... people ... money ... the future ... me ... why can't anything just switch off ... and the simplest most hurtful thing is that it would all be ok if anyone was actually sincere and serious instead of giving you that smile and affirmation and disappearing right after they fuck you over ... and once again i say ... FUCK THAT!!!
just give it up people, we all feel we're different. we all feel that we can't be like all those other people out there, but in the end, we all turn into those all typical Egyptian bums who usually turn into complete assholes in adult stages in their lives ... right now ... i can say it ... i am one... and i'm starting to be OK with it... FUCK IT ALL!!! and maybe you too

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Deeeeeee said...

Why do I feel like I know exactly what you're talking about?