Friday, January 2, 2009

good bye 2008, welcome 2009

on contrary to most people, and despite how stressed out i seamed to be this last year. But i actually believe 2008 was a great year for me. It started like shit but overall, i think it went great in terms of fruitfulness.
Lets take this one thing at a time.
For most of 2008 i was an emotional mess. I was fresh out of a really messy relationship with the love of my life, i even started another blog to just bitch at the whole thing, did and redid some stupid things to convince myself i'm over it but eventually i wasn't. And it all came together and together we figured out a way to work things out. And we've been happy together for over 3 months now with almost none me the problems of the past... And for that, i'm thankful!

I changed my phone in 2008. Which is an epic thing! I mean this is my third phone ever can you imagine that? And i blog from it too :) (e7das)

I managed to take my photography one step further and i even got a new camera i always wanted :)

I graduated! And i got an A on my grad project! And it was only me and one more colleague taking care of everything!

I took my diving a step forward and I'm now a PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructor, and have a freelance job inwhich i combine a hobby and passion of mine :)

My sister got married!

My dad moved out of town!

and Ka3boora got a new heart!

I also happened to meet some really interesting and nice new people in 2008, I can't think of single acquaintance or friendship that i've made that year that wasn't really interesting ... so that also makes me glad.

So 2008, good bye and thank you for leaving me with no regrets

my God it was such a full year :) but i think i'm happy although i'm scared of 2009! mesh talbaaha geesh 7'ales ya masr!

anyways, my plans for 2009 would be:
-keep my relationship and hopefully take it on to a whole new level.

- avoid geesh

- have a stable job and start working on settling down (see the first point)

- do something to showcase my photography work and stop being such a pu$$y about it

- manage my time and learn to plan things right

- improve my relationship with my dad

- improve the religious aspects of my life

- become a millionaire!! (ok i think i should stop writing now :))

Happy New Year everybody

may it be full of love and appreciated accomplishments


poshlemon said...


I like the last part about becoming a millionaire.

You know, 2008 was cruel to me. But, looking back, I have no regrets. It was one hell of a year :)

Best wishes to you.

Ran said...

happy new year to you too hunny ..
though it may sound a little lame but i'm actually proud of u ..u managed to get ur life back on track and i wish u the best of everything :)