Thursday, December 25, 2008

on the new car plates

today and for the first time ever, i got to accept and like the new plates issued for cars! I mean they can be really amusing.
Ya3ny today i was stuck in traffic for a loooong time and i read on the plate on the car in front of‏ هطأ ‏then i look to the car next to it and read نطأ ‏‎ and the one on the other side يطأ‎ and i couldn't stop laughing :)
7atta el 3arabeyat fel balad dy 7at-ta2!


Ma 3lina said...

Lol !!

I huv always wondered what the letters stand for but I could not figure it out still it is pretty funny :)

Sara said...

I even miss being stuck in traffic :(
I tagged you, again!! hehe