Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More On the New License Plates

So I was joining a close friend of mine on getting his new car licensed (mabrook yaad). And we actually had to pay our way out of getting the plates being distributed that day.

After all, i don't think anyone would want to have his rear tagged with those 3 letters for life!

My Apologies to all the hafa2aat roaming the streets of Cairo :)

oh and my friend managed to finally get a ي ف أ so congratulations dude on escaping being a big wine-red hafa2 :)


Ma 3lina said...


No one seems to get what those plates mean even those beto3 el merroor !!!

!!? said...

And the funny thing is... This turns out not to be the worst combination of letters you can end up with!


insomniac said...


that could cause some serious issues, walking around with that kinda plate!

Ran said...

loooool !!!
i saw one yesterday and the letters was pretty interesting
ا ح ه
no comment

silent observer said...

I saw the 'hatta2' car and I remembered you heheh