Thursday, January 8, 2009

On Overdoing!

A wise person once advised me something that i since couldn't do. he told me not to overdo things no matter how excited i am about them, and no matter how good it feels. For a while later it will change into something undesirable.

In Dolphin or Seal training, they give the animals little fishies as rewards for the nice tricks they do, or in short, for giving the trainer what he wants. However, the trainer is always careful not to just lovingly give too much fish or the dolphin would just get used to getting food and seize to give the guy what he wants. or in other cases, (with a better dolphin) the dolphin would just repeat the same trick over and over again cause that's what gets him fish, so the trainer and the audience seize to be amazed, and the show gets boring.

On another Issue, Sara tagged me to post a picture from the 4th folder on the 4th shelf ... eventually it turned out to be THIS!!!
Ladies and gents, i give you my brother's turtle:D