Monday, January 19, 2009


I feel like i'm back in the Ice Age again. All the cold, and distance. And i just can't stand it. I'm trying to ignore it but it just keeps making me feel like $hit!!

Am i just trying too hard? But i don't wanna try any less? then why the fuck do i have to be made to feel stupid for even considering the thought of trying?!!

And again, i don't feel like explaining myself about it because i've done that like a kazillion times before. And i'm pretty damn sure i won't be understood so i'll be back to my dark square one again.

Maybe i'm blowing this way out of proportion. JUST MAYBE!!!!!!

i hope i am

1 comment:

poshlemon said...


trouble with your girlfriend? I don't know. I just sense some heartache in there...

Hang in my friend.