Monday, September 15, 2008

Death Magnetic??

So Metallica have made yet another album, "Death Magnetic", as i've discovered. And of course as of all the new albums i've heard this year by practically everyone, the first impression sucks ... but i'll postpone the review till it sinks in further.

the question is, though, judging by Hetfield's ways of vocaling this album as well as in the previous album "St. Anger"; does he plan on switching to rap or something??

man u'd better get back to SINGING, or at least look it up in the dictionary!


Ravine said...

I've heard of this album described as "St.Anger but with better riffs". Make of that what you will :D.

I'm not a metal expert by any stretch of the imagination but I'd say it's rather good. Best since the black album but not as good as their work in the 80's. I think it's more thrash and less mainstream than their last few albums. My current fav is the instrumental piece "Suicide & Redemption".
But was a third Unforgiven really necessary guys?

Eventuality said...

Tesadda2 daye2teny :) I was looking forward to thhat album.