Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An Actual Conversation I Had Today

i dunno why i'm posting this ... i can't seam to even be surprised by it but this is an actual conversation that happened with me and one of my best buddies today

Him: Kov, Sa7eb!!!
me: huh?
Him: You need a girl in your life!
me: Is that true!
Him: I'm not kidding, ana 7assak keda ba2eet 3alatool ma7'noo2.
me: that's not only because of loneliness but it's about a shitload of things going wrong in my life, and you know that.
Him: still, you need a girl. With all the shit that's going on, you need something good to make you happy.
me: So it's like a piece of merchandise i buy from a supermarket or something?
Him: No, but you're capable of hooking up!!
me: So you want me to hook up with someone just to make me feel better?
Him: w eh ya3ny?
me: i'm not really approving of the concept of hooking up just for the heck of it ... it just doesn't feel right.
Him: leeh manta el tabee3y betsa7eb
me: 7abeeby, ana 3omry masa7ebt unless i felt something serious, or had a serious intention about it ... i know that's hard for you to believe
Him: ok fine, but it's not like you're gonna be fooling somebody, if it's clear for both of you that you're just making each other feel better w betsattefo ba3d on the short term then it's ok ...
me: huh?!
Him: ok fine, i mean even if you're just aiming at something serious. Keep your eyes open for it
me: who said my eyes are closed? It's not like i'm not willing. I just can't find a suitable person ... plus maba2aash feyya dmaa3' wala taaqa lel ta7weer wel tazbeet wel araf da uslan
Him: Sa7eb!!
me: !!!

Thing is ... that's not the first time one of my friends brings that subject up in the same exact way ... which makes me wonder, what the hell is the impression i'm giving out??!


Sou said...

Apparently, you give the impression of a man who's almost never single, and when you are, you're a sorry state.

So yeah, sledge-hammer your friends; what the hell do they know? You're fine the way you are. :)

Hassnaa said...

that's crazy

kov sa7eeeeeeeb !!!!!!

hehe ..

Anonymous said...

who said that if you hooked up with someone you'll be happy? perhaps it's better this way , I can understand that you need love in your life (who doesn't??) but the whole so7obya thing is really not a solution ...and in most cases it proved failure, none of the couples i've known lasted for long and i guess you don't wanna get in serious commitment now (i.e marriage) so the longest the relationship goes , the less meaningful (boring) it'll become.

Ignore your friends.

Frustrated said...

Change your friends:)

haijekov said...

Sou: well thanks sweetheart, that's really nice of you:P

Hasnaa': careful cause strange accidents are starting to happen to people who keep repeating that to me :D

Anonymous: I agree that we all need love and all, but frankly i don't disagree on having a relationship mel baab lel taa2. I'm pro relationships if they're serious enough that's all :)

frustrated: wouldn't do that for the world :D how am i ever gonna find someone to tell me that I can just hook up whenever i please again?? :D