Saturday, September 6, 2008

Caring for/about strangers is a really weird thing

not a bad kind of weird, it's just that i'm not that used to it ... and lately it's been happening alot.

I just hope i don't overdo it like everything else

Good morning to you all,

and hope your day is lovely :)


Hassnaa said...


caring about strangers .. ??

that's happen all the time ..

juts look around . .

good morning for ya :D

ps:ana ga3aaaaaana

Hassnaa said...

yea yea .. bad typing .. and more bad english .. forgive me :P:P:P

Dr.Invisible said...

Oh my god !!

That's a strong evidence that u r human

welcome to the human race that is about to be distinguished ;)

huv a lovely day

Dr.Invisible said...

distinguished !!!

sorry bad typing

silent observer said...

sometimes I care about strangers more than I do with people I actually know.