Monday, March 26, 2007

Games of Fate

Searched for a title to put here but none can do ... ever wondered how life would've been if you just acted a bit differently in certain situations? that's exactly the thought that's been taking over me for today. But the point here is, i'm not blaming the situations, or maybe me, i'm reaching a conclusion that it's all for the good, but then i find myself again wishing i handled it differently anywayz ... it's a vicious cycle that i know will never end.
Sometimes i wish i were and had been a stronger person, reacted the way i should in lots of shitty situations, but if i'd been there i wouldn't be where i am now, with the person i'm with now ... i probably would've been with someone else ... although i'm not quite sure how that would've come out to be but it's always something that keeps me wondering. and it's not the fault any of however many people that are involved but it's just the way fate has played its game (although i have a minor role in being the one to blame in certain incidents) ... el wa7ed bardo lazem ye3mel 7esab law 7add 3'alat ara ayy 7aaga hena :D
Some other times i wish i was better person at making decisions, that way i wouldn't have been one year behind almost all my friends in college, and would've been graduating this year, and actually mechanical was more enjoyable than where i am right now (not to mention that it was the only year i passed without flunking any subjects). But then again, i don't think if this had happened that i would've had my job or been the person i am these days, or better yet, would i have had the same future plan i have right now? i wouldn't be feeling that good about myself and wouldn't be feeling that satisfaction i feel about the whole 10 year plan that i have right now... el kalam kebeer keda leh?
it's funny all the games life plays on you, it's actually nice, when you sit like that and ponder all the things u've seen, all the irony, heartbreaks, hardships, things you loved that you couldn't care less about now, people you've lost, people who lost you, hearts you've broken, friends you made, the rarer type that actually remained till now ... it's all meant to be, and it's all good, even if it's not good at the moment, so were the things that weren't back then and turned out to be now...
and now i have a line playing in my head ... NickleBack's
"Something's gotta go wrong cause i'm feelin way too damn gooood"
and i just came up with a title too :D

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thats the way life goes