Monday, March 5, 2007


well most people who're close to me would kill me for calling myself that ... but i actually am inactive when it comes to my personal matters and benfit. other than that, i'm a workin bumblebee (apart from the past two days cause i've been sick in bed). I'm currently doing two jobs and it's killing my me time and all other times in the world ... plus that it's adding to my usual time planning weakness, but then again none of the two employers are giving me exact times for what they want so i could organize between both, at least the more important one isn't. or am i doing that usual virgo habit of blaming everything on someone else?
Anywayz, somehow things look like they're going somewhere, i feel like my anchors are more fixed in those grounds and i'm getting more resources which isn't bad ... actually i think i'm doing well.
I'm still sick, in love, in fear, in hope, in deep shit (college), but i hope definitely not in vain... although i'm still vain :P


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