Thursday, March 15, 2007

el estehbaal el nafsy

el estehbaal el nafsy howwa 3aada lel bashar ... wa heyya 3obaara 3an meel el ensaan le2enno ye3mel ayy 7aaga aw yesta3'ell ayy mawkeff aw zaahera tabee3eyya le'enno yesta3bat we yehrab men 7aaga howwa mesh 3ayez ye3melha ... walaw 7atta men baab el de7k 3al roo7 ...

today's manifestation of this particular issue was my not going to college in the morning ... awwalan ana ta3baan we mesh 2ader wel sho3'l fashe7'ny wel 7agaat dy kollaha ... so i miss just sitting there at home doing nothing .... and since i have a lab i have to attend then my reason for not going should be much stronger than that orelse i'll have to feel bad about myself... and then came the reply from above ... THE RAIN .... it's raining like SHIT here now... like a tropical forest or something ... and i'm driving a convertible with a roof that leaks water :$ ... so my seats are definitely going to be wet, and the hose for the windshield water is cut so i can't spray water to clean it (as if there's no rain pouring .. 3addooha dy) ... aaaah ... poor little me ...
guess i won't be able to go to college that early today ... hehehehehe
i'm pro'lly goin at 2 though

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