Thursday, March 8, 2007


For those of you who knew me since my msn space allah yer7ammo ... they probably remember my last post there about that accident in Salah Salem. That day i witnessed a guy being hit by a speading car moving so fast to the extent that his body flew so high in the air. Somehow i froze that day and didn't react, all i could do was pull over and call el nagda, but i was too afraid to get out of my car, despite all the medic first aid training i've been through and howi know that i'll probably be able to handle the situation more correctly than most egyptians, i just froze there inside my car, called el nagda, had a fight with the guy on the phone because he was being too provokatively careless about the situation and slow, and later that was explained by my therapist to be letting out my own frustration on the guy.
That was absolutely right, and it haunted me for months now, am i that passive? am i that much of a coward? am i that low? see a man dying on the street and not help? then what's the use of all this training i got? i'm even gonna be certified soon to teach first aid, isnt' this ironic? ... It just made me hate myself ... and for a very long time.
Yesterday, I FINALLY REACTED!!!! i was driving down the autostrade in Nasr City, right before the Manassa when a bus took a sudden turn to the right forcing an old peugeot 305 to brake suddenly, trying to avoid hitting the bus the guy steered to the right while braking, his car skidded round a bit till he hit the pavement and rolled over... I stopped, went out of my car, and got the people out of the car. luckily noone was hurt, for a minute there i was afraid someone might steal my car, or something might cause all this gasoline spilling out of the upside-down car to catch fire and the whole thing would explode but i actually MOVED!!!! i checked noone was hurt and people helped roll the car back on its wheels and then i left... is there anything else i could've done?? .... i really don't know ... am i taking the usual pattern of being hard on myself??
i don't know again ... but at least this time i did something... and i'm happy
god save us all from the dangers of the road ... and bless my ka3boora :D

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greyscale said...

aaameeen ya rab.

good for you man, you should be proud of yourself for reacting the way you did.