Friday, March 9, 2007

Easy Riddles?

well ... sometimes i just don't get it. you get involved in the same riddle for years, or in the same labirynth (don't know if i spelt that right) for years and its master just makes it harder constantly along the way. And everytime you come up with a solution that makes sense his job totally changes to confusing you, that's if it's not the purpose since the very beginning.... if the trick is to prove that it's not easy then it's been proved years ago ... then what's the point?!
sometimes it just gets too confusing, even more than necessary... it the whole idea is to get me hooked then i've been hooked for quite a while now ... the trick is it's getting a bit tiring on this level ... and i just don't know anymore ... where am i? why am i here? is this even part of the whole thing? and as usual, THEN WHAT?! ... it just drives me to worry at times...
figure it out ...
and no ... the riddler doesn't always win ... sometimes it's his riddle that makes him lose ... that's after defining the meaning of WIN 7atta.
anywayz ... i'm off for the night, have to crash on alexandria for the day tomorrow : ... shit

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