Saturday, October 11, 2008

Random Thoughts

* My sister looked absolutely amazing on her Katb-Ktaab
* Ka3boora looks very sexy from my window, but i'm still not gonna fix her before my exam ... keep on trying to tempt me you bitch!!!
* Why does google have to notify me that i commented on my own bloody post?? don't you think i know already??
* I'm totally not a group person i finally decided. I function better and totally appreciate one on ones ... be it with a guy or girl
* البقاء لله
* i think i should restart my battle against nicotine soon
* I stayed home for almost the entire day and didn't exceed 11 pages of studying :$
* hopefully i'll get in rhythm tomorrow
* I need some change of surrounding, or creatures in my surrounding
*I listened to more Fountains of Wayne in the past 24 hours than i did my entire life
* I need to go around more with Nickie ... maybe shoot some night scenes i've been contemplating for a while

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