Sunday, October 12, 2008

Musique-al update!

Well i've been confining myself in my home to focus on studying for my last exam next thursday. I'm bored to death, and i'm studying at an unbelievably slow pace :S ... however it's picking up more everyday. which is good. Other bright sides to it is that i'm not smoking, and for some reason i hardly ever feel the urge to smoke when i'm home. and ofcourse i spend much less :D

Another side-effect of being confined in my room is that i must have music on, so my last fm scrobbler has been really happy for the past few days, and i have to say i'm happy i'm rediscovering lots of things i haven't listened to in a LOOOONG time. I'm obsessing about different bands every 6 hours :D

Live, Pearl Jam, Muse, and currently StarSailor :)

And Hey, everyone reading this should check out Starsailor's album "On The Outside"

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