Monday, October 6, 2008

MY Happy Eid :)

Actually I take it back. It was a really happy Eid. And my favorite part of it all is that it was all unplanned. This eid i met a really interesting person, and spent the whole time doing things i absolutely love doing, and hopefully helping someone (her) enjoy her time which i also love doing :)
i did lots of photography, went to lots of my favorite spots, went swimming, late night driving, sang out loud and make myself look stupid, and had tons of great conversations enjoying the best views :)

i'm happy, and grateful, and very sad it was so short ... but i still have a smile on my face everytime i think about it. It's been a really long while since i felt genuine enjoyment :)


insomniac said...

reading this, i couldn't help but smile myself :)

Ma 3lina said...

That's really gr8. It was happy eid fè3lan this time 4 all of us :)

poshlemon said...

You could continue feeling this way :)