Saturday, August 9, 2008


Today was my first day in the stupid tarbeya 3askareya thing i have to go through before i graduate from college ... and it proved to be as stupid and useless as i expected it to be... we just stand in useless lines doing some stupid military walks and talks, sit in a crowded hall listening to meaningless crap about history and ethics that are not alive anymore ... and go home hating this country and our lives.

However, i have to get up around 6am every day which is good, and it's really useful if you really wanna learn how to control your nerves! (always an upside to anything these days :))

This morning, i was washing my face when exactly at 6am, i heard the sound of an alarm clock ringing somewhere in the building. It's the same noisy old alarm clock with bells that i used to hear ringing at the same time when i was a child preparing my stuff and waiting for my school bus. As noisy as it is, something in the way it sounded made me feel just great. I'll be waiting to hear it's noise again tomorrow :)

oh and we also had lobia for lunch!! not the ones with the black dots, the other plain white ones... i think i hadn't had that since i was a kid bardo!!! something just feels ok despite all the shit that's going on so i'm thankful :)

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